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Every culture around the world has its beliefs in the powerful, healing properties of specific gemstones. These beliefs are often tied to the culture’s history and spiritual practices.
Beliefs in the healing legends of gemstones and crystals reaches back beyond recorded history. An ancient tablet with one of the earliest known systems of writing, called a cuneiform, dating back to 3000 BCE, lists the stones and many of their healing properties. Even the early christian church considered using stone lore to be medicinal and not magical, as the church opposed magic.
Stone lore has been revered and honored for centuries. The fascination surrounding gemstone legend emerges from every corner of the earth.
Is stone lore merely magic and myth? Is there evidence and proof to support the belief in the legends of gemstones? Perhaps what is needed is a little faith and belief to open the door to a whole new world of natural healing and balancing for you and your pet with gemstones.
Stone lore is fascinating, captivating and seemingly endless. Enjoy your journey…