Lepidolite Elegant Attire Handcrafted Collar Charm for Dogs, Cats & all Pets


It’s always fun to step out with your pet when he or she is dressed to the nines, and they love all the attention they get! Well this Elegant Attire collar charm is the tuxedo or ball gown of collar charms for your dog, cat or any pet.

This charm is one of my favorites. I’m completely mesmerized by the beauty of purple lepidolite. It has such depth to it and metallic flakes seem to be suspended within the stone.       The genuine, square, purple lepidolite gemstone is resting between two beautiful, faceted rondelle, smokey quartz, completed with a golden calcite gemstone that nestles in a sterling silver flower. A sterling silver swirl dangles from the top. The center pin and large, lobster clasp are solid stainless steel for lasting durability and shine for your companion pet. (Learn more below)

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Stone Lore and Legend of… This handcrafted collar charm has 3 specifically combined  gemstones needed to naturally heal a specific ailment. I will briefly touch on the Lore and Legend of each gemstone used in the collar charm.

*Modern Gemstone Therapy/Crystal Healing:  The combination of purple lepidolite, golden calcite and smokey quartz is used in holistic healing to treat and prevent yeast infections. Yeast infections in animals are a very prevalent problem causing the animal discomfort and itching, often leading to other infections. The medications used to cure these secondary infections often makes the yeast infections worse and a vicious cycle begins that can last the lifetime of your companion pet. Lepidolite is also used to relieve allergies and heal joint problems. It is said to greatly help with epilepsy as well and can aid in restructuring DNA.

*Yeast infections are a very common and persistent problem in pets, often the result of allergies.

Sterling Silver Therapy:  Silver can absorb, enhance and amplify the power of your gemstone. Silver can also help balance the chemicals in the body and improve transmission of nerve impulses. Silver is used as a natural antibiotic.

This handcrafted collar charm can be used as an aid in crystal healing for dogs, crystal healing for cats, crystal healing for pets…crystal healing for all animals.

Gemstone therapy and crystal healing is not the same as curing. Healing is a natural method used to help the body and mind to become stronger and better. It is not meant as a substitute for a medical diagnosis and treatment from your veterinarian or physician. Gemstone therapy cannot replace medication. We are only offering information, not medical advice.