SHOCK your Chakra Handcrafted Collar Charm for Dogs, Cats & all Pets


The Circle of Life Collar Charms are designed to withstand the wild play of all you rough and rowdy pets out there, big or small. They look especially stunning on large breed dogs, cats and even on horse bridles. It’s difficult to find charms big enough to actually show up on our large companion pets. These collar charms show up!

This charm features the 7 round, natural gemstones needed to achieve an open, balanced and healthy Chakra system…Garnet, Carnelian, Golden Calcite, Green Aventurine, Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli and Amethyst. The charm also has a Clear Quartz to amplify the healing abilities of the other gemstones. The center wire that forms the circle is solid Titanium. The large lobster clasp is solid stainless steel for extra durability and lasting shine for your dog, cat or any pet. (Learn more below)


Stone Lore and Legend of Chakras:  The word Chakra has Hindu roots and comes from an ancient Indian language known as Sanskrit. Chakra means spinning vortex or wheel. All living creatures are said to have chakras. These chakras are energy vortexes which balance and distribute energy throughout our body. The seven main vortexes are said be spaced along the channel of the spine. There are many more minor vortexes througout the body

The belief in chakras started in India and is utilized in ayurvedic medicine. The earliest records of Ayurvedic dates from 2500 BC. Ayurvedic means “life knowledge”, which you could interpret as knowledge on how to lead a healthy life. The Lore and Legend of Chakra crystal healing and the modern chakra crystal therapy seems to be the relatively the same which makes it quite unique.

*Modern Gemstone Therapy/Crystal Healing:  For detailed information on Chakra therapy, please see the post titled The 7 Chakras…Discover the healing power deep within your own pet’s body. You will find posts located in the Learn More section.

Sterling Silver Therapy:  Silver can absorb, enhance and amplify the power of your gemstone. Silver can also help balance the chemicals in the body and improve the transmission of nerve impulses. Silver is used as a natural antibiotic.

This handcrafted collar charm can be used as an aid in crystal healing for dogs, crystal healing for cats, crystal healing for pets…crystal healing for all animals.

Gemstone therapy and crystal healing are not the same as curing. Healing is a natural method used to aid the body and mind to become stronger and better. It is not meant as a substitute for a medical diagnosis and treatment from our veterinarian or physician. Gemstone therapy cannot replace medication. We are only offering information, not medical advice.