Amethyst Adorable Adornment Handcrafted Collar Charm for Dogs, Cats & all Pets


I love these little charms. They are the perfect size for a puppy, a kitten or any small breed pet. They also look nice worn as multiple charms (Marley style) on large or small breed companion pets.

This Adorable Adornment charm features a genuine, royal purple, Amethyst gemstone resting beneath a beautiful, ivory, freshwater pearl. A sterling silver star dances from above and a sterling flower completes the bottom. The center pin and large lobster clasp are solid stainless steel for lasting durability and shine for your dog, cat or any pet. (Learn more below)


adorable adorment marley

Princess Marley is wearing the Amethyst Adorable Adornment Charm.

Stone Lore and Legend of Amethyst:  The oldest piece of Amethyst jewelry was discovered in an ancient Egyptian grave that dates back to 3000 BC. The ancient Egyptians believed Amethyst to be a calming stone of intellect, wisdom and protection. Amethyst was to be carved into heart shaped amulets for burial of the dead. Amethyst is the 9th stone on the breastplate of he disciple Aaron. During the Middle Ages, the stone was believed to encourage celibacy and was considered to be the stone of Bishops. In Medieval Times, the stone was placed under your pillow to cure insomnia. Amethyst has been prized for centuries for it’s reputed ability to increase intelligence and enhance creativity. Leonardo Da Vinci wrote that Amethyst was able to dissipate evil thoughts and quicken the intelligence. The stone was believed to protect the wearer from contagious disease.

CIzxL4dXAAA4yC8 Handsome, poised Basil is happily modeling his Amethyst Adorable Adornment charm for us. However it is hiding beneath his floof! He says it has made him braver. He is now able to walk outside in his harness & explore the outdoors!!


Modern Gemstone Therapy/Crystal Healing:  Amethyst is known as the “all-healer”. It is one of the most effective gemstones for healing people, plants and animals.  Amethyst is a natural tranquilizer, used to naturally calm hyperactivity and soothe irritability.

*If you’ve been a pet lover for long, you have already thought of all the times you wished you would have  had this collar charm! New pet parents…you might just want to keep this on standby for the inevitable wild moments!!

Amethyst is also a powerful physical healer. It strengthens the immune system overall, reduces pain, cleanses the blood, reduces swelling and bruising from injury, heals lung and respiratory tract infections, aids in healing diseases of the digestive tract and helps the body fight against cancer, helping with tissue regeneration.

Amethyst is the stone for the Crown Chakra

Sterling Silver Therapy:  Silver can absorb, enhance and amplify the power of your gemstone. Silver can also help balance the chemicals in body and improve the transmission of nerve impulses. Silver is used as a natural antibiotic.

This handcrafted collar charm can be used as an aid in crystal healing for dogs, crystal healing for cats, crystal for pets…crystal healing for all animals.

Gemstone therapy and crystal healing are not the same as curing. Healing is a natural method used to help the body and mind to become stronger and better. It is not meant as a substitute for a medical diagnosis and treatment from your veterinarian or physician. Gemstone therapy cannot replace medication. We are only offering information, not medical advice.