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Sophie’s Story

I recently had the opportunity to work closely with a client, who also happens to be my friend, to make some custom pieces for her little companion, a beautiful, 12 year old Maltese, Sophie. Sophie has been diagnosed with a stage 4 heart murmur and an enlarged heart that is putting pressure on her trachea causing coughing and some fluid buildup in her lungs. The prognosis was that this will eventually, at some point lead to heart failure.

My friend/client contacted me for some guidance in choosing some charms. We decided a custom charm and collar was the way to go, as we had many different problems we needed to focus on such as heart regeneration, inflammation, lungs, immune system, etc. We also felt Sophie would really benefit from a  collar in addition to the charm as the collar allows the stones to rest directly on the dogs body at all times, allowing the best transference of healing energy.

I was thrilled when my friend  contacted me 24 hours after receiving the charm and collar to report that Sophie was already showing signs of improvment. She was couging much less frequently. Her eyes were clearer. She had more energy. She said “I can just tell a difference in her and I truly believe in gemstone therapy! I can’t thank you enough.”

She sent a picture of pretty little Sophie in her new healing jewelry too!