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Enjoy a flea and tick free summer without *chemicals*

PicsArt_1429899486970I am always on the lookout for natural products for my fur-kids that truly work and that work quickly. I am a huge natural health advocate for both people and pets but I am also very picky about what I will continue to use and especially what I will recommend to a friend or a client. I only ask 2 things of natural products…1. that they are truly 100% natural (none of that %80 natural crap in small print  that companies are allowed to get away with) 2. that they truly work. That’s not asking too much is it? When it comes to my little yorkie pack (the coton thinks he’s a yorkie so we just go with it), if you think about it, their entire bodies are bombarded with chemicals almost all the time. We have a natural lawn and garden but none of our neighbors do, so every time we go for a walk, my dogs are literally up to their noses in fertilizers and pesticides. Large dogs will at the very least have it on their feet and will most likely lick their paws when you get home. Then, of course, we have the chemicals used to process commercial dog food and treats. Let’s not forget about the chemicals that we inject into our companion animals in the form of immunizations and identification chips. And finally, we get back to the subject at hand, the toxic chemicals that we put on our pets monthly throughout 75% of the year… flea and tick medication. So, you can understand why, if I find something natural that works for our fur kids, I’m going to shout it from the roof tops! PetzLife Tickz rocks!!!

Ticks have touched my life in profound ways that I never even knew were possible. Unfortunately I have been educated the hard way. Ticks are the reason that Princess Marley is now an ethereal yorkie rather then here, scampering through the house causing mischief and mayhem. The short version is, after fighting a brave fight for over a year, her kidneys failed from a tick born disease.  Kingston got sick right about the same time. Sick really doesn’t even begin to describe it. He became ill instantaneously one night. When I say this, I mean he went from completely fine to paralyzed and panting with glazed over eyes within minutes. My vet sent us to a spine specialist where he was diagnosed with meningomyelitis and was not expected to live through the next 24 hours. Miraculously my little fighter did live and continues the fight. They were not able to isolate the cause in his spinal fluid tests so it was labeled auto-immune. At that time, I did not question this, however my research has taught me that it can be the result of a tick born disease. I also became sick at the same time. I was originally diagnosed with pneumonia. Many many months, tests and hospitals later, I tested positive twice for coxiella burnetti, better known as q-fever, a tick born disease. We have surmised that the very bloated tick I foolishly pulled off of Marley with my bare hands was the culprit that caused so much loss and heartache in my home. Since that time, over 4 years ago now, I have been terrified and paranoid, but with good reason. 2 summers ago, I pulled 6 ticks off the fur kids, 1 tick off of one of my human kids and 1 tick off of my husband. We live in a suburban neighborhood, not out in the country. None of us camp, fish, hike, hunt etc. I can’t use topical flea and tick products on the dogs because Kingston is now very sensitive to all chemicals and suffers mini relapses just from being around the other dogs if I have used chemicals on them. Even the so called natural topical products cause him to suffer  just from being around the other dogs. I don’t use anything directly on Kingston ever. It’s been a rough few years, until, last spring…I found PetzLife TickZ.

I was extremely skeptical to say the least, but I was also desperate. I have had some success with PetzLife oral care products and their shampoo is fantastic for pets with sensitive skin. I read some very compelling testimonials about the tickz product, one I remember that really hooked me was a hunter who used the product for his hunting dogs and went through a whole hunting season without finding a tick on his dogs. Out came the credit card…lol! I received a 4 oz. jar of all natural, completely harmless herbs in powder form. You give the correct amount based on your pets weight twice a day for 5 days and that’s it! The jar says this will protect your pet for 2 to 3 months.  The individual herbs in the mixture I was familiar with so I felt comfortable giving them to Kingston which was a HUGE bonus and gold star for the product…but I was feeling the skeptic in me rear it’s ugly head. I also seriously doubted that my snooty, picky yorkie pack would eat the herbs willingly and I wasn’t up for fighting with 7 dogs twice a day for 5 days. Still….I had to give it my best shot. So, I put an optimistic smile on my face and gathered my pack for an afternoon treat. To my shock and wonderful surprise, not only did they eat it on a piece of turkey but they liked it! Fast forward 2 weeks…I was outside with the doggie crew working in the garden. We all gathered together for a water break on the patio when I started to notice something amazing. I watched as bugs of all kinds would start to crawl onto one of the crew and then would turn around and get off. We were able to go 2 1/2 months without a flea, an ant, a gnat, a beetle and most importantly to me…without a tick! After 2 1/2 months I had to pick an ant out of my coton’s hair so I knew it was time to repeat the five days of herbs.

To sum it up…for an extremely affordable price, 1 jar gave my 7 dogs 5 months of insect free comfort and gave me peace of mind.  If ticks and fleas are a problem for you, my advice is to give it a try…