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Jewelry for your pet (furry family member).

Beautiful Charms With a Purpose

Collar charms
Trio of collar charms, jewelry for pets.


Genuine Gemstones

Sterling Silver Accents


Stainless Steel Findings & Clasp

Fine Jewelry Quality  Made to Last


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These are just beautiful collar charms. And they aren’t just jewelry quality hand-crafted pieces to be admired. These charms have another purpose, a unique additional benefit!

The gemstones & metals that we choose also have natural healing properties.
You can read more about that here.

It’s always fun to step out with your pet when he or she is dressed to the nines, and your pet will love all the attention they get! Well Marley Charms are the ‘tuxedo’ or ‘ball gown’ of collar charms for your fur-kid. Jewelry quality & made to last.

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