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Enjoy a flea and tick free summer without *chemicals*

PicsArt_1429899486970I am always on the lookout for natural products for my fur-kids that truly work and that work quickly. I am a huge natural health advocate for both people and pets but I am also very picky about what I will continue to use and especially what I will recommend to a friend or a client. I only ask 2 things of natural products…1. that they are truly 100% natural (none of that %80 natural crap in small print  that companies are allowed to get away with) 2. that they truly work. That’s not asking too much is it? When it comes to my little yorkie pack (the coton thinks he’s a yorkie so we just go with it), if you think about it, their entire bodies are bombarded with chemicals almost all the time. We have a natural lawn and garden but none of our neighbors do, so every time we go for a walk, my dogs are literally up to their noses in fertilizers and pesticides. Large dogs will at the very least have it on their feet and will most likely lick their paws when you get home. Then, of course, we have the chemicals used to process commercial dog food and treats. Let’s not forget about the chemicals that we inject into our companion animals in the form of immunizations and identification chips. And finally, we get back to the subject at hand, the toxic chemicals that we put on our pets monthly throughout 75% of the year… flea and tick medication. So, you can understand why, if I find something natural that works for our fur kids, I’m going to shout it from the roof tops! PetzLife Tickz rocks!!!

Ticks have touched my life in profound ways that I never even knew were possible. Unfortunately I have been educated the hard way. Ticks are the reason that Princess Marley is now an ethereal yorkie rather then here, scampering through the house causing mischief and mayhem. The short version is, after fighting a brave fight for over a year, her kidneys failed from a tick born disease.  Kingston got sick right about the same time. Sick really doesn’t even begin to describe it. He became ill instantaneously one night. When I say this, I mean he went from completely fine to paralyzed and panting with glazed over eyes within minutes. My vet sent us to a spine specialist where he was diagnosed with meningomyelitis and was not expected to live through the next 24 hours. Miraculously my little fighter did live and continues the fight. They were not able to isolate the cause in his spinal fluid tests so it was labeled auto-immune. At that time, I did not question this, however my research has taught me that it can be the result of a tick born disease. I also became sick at the same time. I was originally diagnosed with pneumonia. Many many months, tests and hospitals later, I tested positive twice for coxiella burnetti, better known as q-fever, a tick born disease. We have surmised that the very bloated tick I foolishly pulled off of Marley with my bare hands was the culprit that caused so much loss and heartache in my home. Since that time, over 4 years ago now, I have been terrified and paranoid, but with good reason. 2 summers ago, I pulled 6 ticks off the fur kids, 1 tick off of one of my human kids and 1 tick off of my husband. We live in a suburban neighborhood, not out in the country. None of us camp, fish, hike, hunt etc. I can’t use topical flea and tick products on the dogs because Kingston is now very sensitive to all chemicals and suffers mini relapses just from being around the other dogs if I have used chemicals on them. Even the so called natural topical products cause him to suffer  just from being around the other dogs. I don’t use anything directly on Kingston ever. It’s been a rough few years, until, last spring…I found PetzLife TickZ.

I was extremely skeptical to say the least, but I was also desperate. I have had some success with PetzLife oral care products and their shampoo is fantastic for pets with sensitive skin. I read some very compelling testimonials about the tickz product, one I remember that really hooked me was a hunter who used the product for his hunting dogs and went through a whole hunting season without finding a tick on his dogs. Out came the credit card…lol! I received a 4 oz. jar of all natural, completely harmless herbs in powder form. You give the correct amount based on your pets weight twice a day for 5 days and that’s it! The jar says this will protect your pet for 2 to 3 months.  The individual herbs in the mixture I was familiar with so I felt comfortable giving them to Kingston which was a HUGE bonus and gold star for the product…but I was feeling the skeptic in me rear it’s ugly head. I also seriously doubted that my snooty, picky yorkie pack would eat the herbs willingly and I wasn’t up for fighting with 7 dogs twice a day for 5 days. Still….I had to give it my best shot. So, I put an optimistic smile on my face and gathered my pack for an afternoon treat. To my shock and wonderful surprise, not only did they eat it on a piece of turkey but they liked it! Fast forward 2 weeks…I was outside with the doggie crew working in the garden. We all gathered together for a water break on the patio when I started to notice something amazing. I watched as bugs of all kinds would start to crawl onto one of the crew and then would turn around and get off. We were able to go 2 1/2 months without a flea, an ant, a gnat, a beetle and most importantly to me…without a tick! After 2 1/2 months I had to pick an ant out of my coton’s hair so I knew it was time to repeat the five days of herbs.

To sum it up…for an extremely affordable price, 1 jar gave my 7 dogs 5 months of insect free comfort and gave me peace of mind.  If ticks and fleas are a problem for you, my advice is to give it a try…

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Mourning the loss of your pet

marlePicsArt_1406622646213Often “regular people” view us “animal lovers” as freaks. We’ve all heard the term “crazy cat lady”. Or, they believe we use our pets to replace our children or lack there of, etc. There are many misconceptions out there as to why we love our animals the way we that we do. Thankfully, in the last decade, especially in the past 5 years, there has been a drastic shift to this thinking. It is becoming more “normal” to treat our pets as part of our family, rather then segregating them to their area of the yard or garage. More hotels are allowing pets to stay in the room with us and they are even providing them with  fluffy beds and treats. Some restaurants even permit animals, if you are seated in the outdoor area. Boarding facilities are beginning to look like mini 5 star hotels with all the creature comforts of home. It’s wonderful to finally see this movement.

Unfortunately, I have personally not experienced this same forward thinking when it comes to losing a pet. It has been a very difficult time for me recently. In the past 22 months I have lost 2 of my precious yorkies , one of my lovebirds and both of my sweet bunnies. Thats 5 fur/feather kids in less then 2 years and my heart aches. I feel these losses so deeply. They stay with me. They are not fleeting emotions. While it is true that there are thousands of products available to us now to help memorialize our pets, I have found that for the most part, people expect you to be fine as soon as your pet is buried or cremeated. This lack of understanding of the bond that true animal lovers form with their pets is hard to endure.  I want to mourn my loss. I NEED to mourn my loss. I need to talk about it and express my emotions. I need to tell stories about my pet and laugh and cry.  Most importantly, I need it to be ok for me to do this and not be considered just this side of crazy. Hopefully, we will see a shift in the right direction when it comes to the way “regular people” view the way “pet lovers” mourn their pets as well.

Until then, I would love to share with you some things that have helped and continue to help me grieve the loss of my angels. I write this through tears, as the hole in my heart will always remain and if you are reading this, chances are good that you have that hole as well, so please accept my deepest and most sincere sympathies for your loss.  Now back to the subject at hand…things that have helped me find my way through the grief.  One of the biggest things that has helped me is taking the time to find the right place to bury your pet or their ashes. Too often I think people just choose an out of the way spot at the back of their property. I never understood this. Take the time to choose a special spot, whether it’s a spot  in your garden where you like to spend time or it’s a place in your yard that your pet seemed to favor or enjoy. By doing this small thing, you have done something huge to help you begin to really mourn your pet.

I mentioned earlier the thousands of pet memorial products available to pet lovers now, from memorial stones and jewelry to urns and even little caskets. I have been quite the little consumer of these products, I have to admit. While I do cherish the items I painstakingly chose to buy, I began to notice something with each new product that I purchased. I would eagerly await the delivery of the item, only to feel an emptiness once it arrived. It never made me feel any closer to my pet that I was dearly missing. I needed to find my way through the grief differently.

Because my animals go to work with me every day  at my gym, they are loved by many and this is a beautiful thing. I was on the receiving end of so many thoughtful and loving gifts with the loss of each pet. Now here is the cool part…as I sat back and really looked at them collectively, each pet somehow ended up having a theme to the gifts. This was not planned. Nobody was aware of what other gifts had been received. So I came up with the idea to make a little garden for each pet where they were buried. I designed the gardens around the gifts that we had been blessed with and the sunlight or shade that the spot is in and they are a blooming, ever changing, work in progress. When I work in the little gardens, I get some one on one time to chat with my little fur angel and each time, I heal just a tiny bit more…

20150213_182842I hope that at the very least you found some words of comfort or maybe I sparked an idea of your own that might help you work through your grief. If you give the garden idea a try, don’t forget to add some solar lights. It’s just a good, warm feeling when they light up each night. They never fail to make me smile or cry. Either way I figure it’s a good thing!

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Every culture around the world has its beliefs in the powerful, healing properties of specific gemstones. These beliefs are often tied to the culture’s history and spiritual practices.
Beliefs in the healing legends of gemstones and crystals reaches back beyond recorded history. An ancient tablet with one of the earliest known systems of writing, called a cuneiform, dating back to 3000 BCE, lists the stones and many of their healing properties. Even the early christian church considered using stone lore to be medicinal and not magical, as the church opposed magic.
Stone lore has been revered and honored for centuries. The fascination surrounding gemstone legend emerges from every corner of the earth.
Is stone lore merely magic and myth? Is there evidence and proof to support the belief in the legends of gemstones? Perhaps what is needed is a little faith and belief to open the door to a whole new world of natural healing and balancing for you and your pet with gemstones.
Stone lore is fascinating, captivating and seemingly endless. Enjoy your journey…

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The 7 Chakras…Discover the healing power deep within your own pet’s body

Hiru wearing our Shock your Chakra Charm

Following the central channel of your pet’s body, from the base of the spine to the top of the head, there are 7 major points, or energy centers, called chakras. These chakras are believed to correspond to specific glands, organs and facets of the body. When one or more of these chakras becomes blocked or imbalanced, the flow of energy throughout the body is impeded, resulting in disturbances in your pet’s health…mind, body and spirit. You can see how important it is to achieve an open, balanced and healthy chakra system with a free flow of energy to maintain your pet’s vitality! So, how can you help your pet achieve a balanced, healthy chakra system? By harnessing the healing energy of natural gemstones.

Each chakra has a corresponding natural gemstone or crystal color that helps to keep it open, allowing energy to flow freely through it.

Let’s start with the root chakra located at the base of the spine or tail. The root chakra’s energy flows to the bones, tailbone, back legs and paws, colon and adrenal glands. If open and balanced, emotionally your pet feels secure, trusting and confident. The stone color that helps balance and heal the root chakra is red. We have chosen the garnet gemstone for marleycharms.

The next chakra moving along the central channel is the Sacral. It is located at the lower abdomen. The sacral chakra’s energy flows to the sexual organs, womb, bladder and kidneys. If energy flows freely through the sacral chakra, emotionally your pet is loving and open to affection. The stone color that helps balance and heal the sacral chakra is orange. We have chosen the carnelian gemstone for marleycharms.

Now, we move on to the solar plexus chakra, located in the stomach. This chakra’s energy flows to the digestive system, immune system, and according to some, to the muscles and adrenal glands. When the solar plexus chakra is healthy, emotionally your pet will be confident and assertive in a group. The stone that helps balance and heal the solar plexus chakra is yellow in color. We have chosen the golden calcite for marleycharms.

The heart chakra is located in the center of the chest. The heart chakra’s energy flows to the lungs, thymus, heart and cardiac system, respiratory system, front legs and paws. When this chakra is healthy, emotionally your pet will be friendly, loving, open and compassionate. The stone that helps balance and heal the heart chakra is pink or green in color. We have chosen the green aventurine for marleycharms.

The next chakra moving up the central channel or spine is the throat chakra, located at the throat. The energy of the throat chakra flows to the throat, neck, mouth, ears, nose, sinuses, thyroid, parathyroid, shoulders, front legs and paws. When this chakra is open, your pet will be able to communicate freely, easily expressing himself and be understood. The stone that helps balance and heal the throat chakra is blue in color and we have chosen the sodalite for marleycharms.

The third-eye or brow chakra is located on your pet’s forehead, slightly above and between the eyebrows. This chakra’s energy flows to the eyes, pituitary gland, hypothalmus and medulla plexus. When this chakra is healthy, your pet will intuitively flow easily between people and animal world, able to think for himself. The stone that helps balance and heal the third-eye chakra is indigo in color and we use the lapis lazuli gemstone in our chakra products.

Finally, we arrive at the top of the central channel of energy flow, the crown chakra, located at the top of the head. The crown chakra’s energy flows to the upper skull, cerebral cortex and pineal gland. When this chakra is open, your pet is aware of the world, his surroundings and his place in this world. The stone that helps balance and heal the crown chakra is purple in color and what could be more appropriate then the beautiful amethyst.

The gemstone/crystal clear quartz is used to amplify the healing powers of all other stones. You can see how adding clear quartz to the 7 chakra stones would be a powerful, natural healing tool for your pet and for you!

Please visit the marleycharms store to see our new chakra collection. We have a beautiful, new chakra charm and handmade chakra collars. The chakra collection is made from the best, jewelry quality materials that you have come to expect from marleycharms.

I urge you to be proactive in your pet’s health. It’s easier to keep them healthy and balanced naturally, then it is to regain that balance once a problem has been diagnosed. Shop in good health and enjoy!

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Sophie’s Story

I recently had the opportunity to work closely with a client, who also happens to be my friend, to make some custom pieces for her little companion, a beautiful, 12 year old Maltese, Sophie. Sophie has been diagnosed with a stage 4 heart murmur and an enlarged heart that is putting pressure on her trachea causing coughing and some fluid buildup in her lungs. The prognosis was that this will eventually, at some point lead to heart failure.

My friend/client contacted me for some guidance in choosing some charms. We decided a custom charm and collar was the way to go, as we had many different problems we needed to focus on such as heart regeneration, inflammation, lungs, immune system, etc. We also felt Sophie would really benefit from a  collar in addition to the charm as the collar allows the stones to rest directly on the dogs body at all times, allowing the best transference of healing energy.

I was thrilled when my friend  contacted me 24 hours after receiving the charm and collar to report that Sophie was already showing signs of improvment. She was couging much less frequently. Her eyes were clearer. She had more energy. She said “I can just tell a difference in her and I truly believe in gemstone therapy! I can’t thank you enough.”

She sent a picture of pretty little Sophie in her new healing jewelry too!


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Beautiful pet collar charms with a purpose…they also help heal your pet!

Wearing genuine gemstones and crystals is a highly effective way to help promote good health or to heal from a trauma or illness. This custom dates as far back as the stone ages and is still used across the world today by all types of healers. There have been many recent scientific studies showing the effects of certain stones on the body and how they can help to heal and balance the body.
I have had great success using natural gemstones and crystals to help heal illnesses and behavior issues with my 8 dogs, 5 of which were rescue adoptions, my draft horse who was also a rescue, as well as my 4 birds.
Genuine sterling silver has wonderful healing benefits as well. It has been used for centuries for it’s germ killing properties and to treat infectious and inflammatory diseases. Silver is known to help cleanse the body and elimate toxins at the cellular level. When silver is combined with gemstones, it helps to balance the body  by drawing out negative energy and illness and allowing positive, healing energy to flow into the body.
 When using gemstones for healing and balancing benefits, they must be cleansed regularly to clear any negative or unwanted energy they have absorbed. You should also cleanse prior to first use, so that you can begin fresh without any negative energy from previous handling of the stone prior to purchase.
There are many methods that can be used to cleanse your gemstones.  I would recommend either placing the charm in the freezer for a night or placing outside under a FULL moon for a night. If you’re in a rush to cleanse your charm, you can hold under cool, filtered running water, then allow to air dry. If using the water method, be aware that some gemstones will erode if placed in water regularly. I have a friend that cleanses her stones in the smoke from a burning bundle of sage if she’s in a rush. This is called smudging.  For optimum results, please cleanse your charm at least monthly, or after a particularly difficult day with your pet.
*It is important to remember that healing is not the same as curing. It is helping the body to balance and become stronger over time. It is not meant as a substitute for a medical diagnosis or treatment from your local veterinarian. I can only tell you my personal experience with gemstones, not offer advice or diagnosis.