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Jewelry for your pet (furry family member). Beautiful Charms With a Purpose   Genuine Gemstones Sterling Silver Accents Handcrafted Stainless Steel Findings & Clasp Fine Jewelry Quality  Made to Last   These are just beautiful collar charms. And they aren’t just jewelry quality hand-crafted pieces to be admired. These charms have another purpose, a unique […]

Mourning the loss of your pet

Often “regular people” view us “animal lovers” as freaks. We’ve all heard the term “crazy cat lady”. Or, they believe we use our pets to replace our children or lack there of, etc. There are many misconceptions out there as to why we love our animals the way we that we do. Thankfully, in the […]



Every culture around the world has its beliefs in the powerful, healing properties of specific gemstones. These beliefs are often tied to the culture’s history and spiritual practices. Beliefs in the healing legends of gemstones and crystals reaches back beyond recorded history. An ancient tablet with one of the earliest known systems of writing, called […]


Sophie’s Story

I recently had the opportunity to work closely with a client, who also happens to be my friend, to make some custom pieces for her little companion, a beautiful, 12 year old Maltese, Sophie. Sophie has been diagnosed with a stage 4 heart murmur and an enlarged heart that is putting pressure on her trachea […]